Professional Women’s Summer Fashion Emergencies

The top query from my professional female customers this time of year is constantly “What do I put on during the summer time months to be cool, relaxed, but expert?” The summer months are honestly a greater hard time of the 12 months to appearance expert and credible even as the temperature rises. Here are some pointers to maintain your image searching cool, calm, and in a position underneath the summer season sun:

But take into account that it all depends…

Before I supply any recommendation in my corporate seminars I continually preface my answers with the aid of announcing that you need to don’t forget several important factors:

Company Culture & Dress code Standards: Do you figure in a incredibly conservative area or in a commercial enterprise casual or ultra casual environment?
Geographic Location: Do you stay within the northern a part of the USA or the warmer southern states? Professionals have a tendency to dress up a piece greater in the Midwest and Northeast, while they are more comfortable and informal in some of the western and southeastern components of the us of a.
Local Setting and Lifestyle: What is the environment like where you meet clients? Do you work in a big city, small metropolis, or a rural area?
Your Personal Brand: How do you need to be recognised in the enterprise and what are your expert desires and aspirations?

Believe it or no longer, all of those factors need to be considered. As you take all of this into account, right here are my nice suggestions:

The Five Factors: You have to always don’t forget these factors whilst surfing via your closet or purchasing in shops to coordinate your cloth cabinet and preserve your credibility and professionalism.

1) Fabrics

In summer season months you need to consider what’s going to be striking in your body all day lengthy. My advice is to wear natural fabric like cotton, silk, linen-blends, and lightweight wools on the way to breathe and provide you with a greater comfortable, cooler experience than many other fabrics like polyester. When you are shopping for garments this season opt for looser weaves or an open-weave that provides more airflow in a cardigan or jacket. For the summer time designers generally tend to create patterns in lighter weight fabrics, but be cautious not to head for the sheer look – I need you to command respect, now not a nightclub belief.